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Welcome to my blog: So Here’s A Thing!

I graduated from The City University Business School in 1988 as a Batchelor of Science with Honours.

The degree, called “Business Computing Systems”, was a four year course with a year out in industry in year three. It was well-rounded covering business strategy, economics, change management, systems analysis, business analysis and programming. Oh, and statistics. Least said, the better.

Just to put things into context, during my first year, IBM made an announcement that it was to launch a new ground-breaking product called a Personal Computer, or “PC” for short.   It would have a hard disk with a capacity of xMb and would be equipped with a removable form of memory called a “floppy disk” with an enormous capacity of 512Kb.

Over the years in which I have been a practitioner of change, I have often looked back at my university days and the course content, and I’ve been struck by the realisation that things haven’t really changed much since then.

I don’t mean technologically, of course. I mean in terms of intent.

As a change agent, I’m trying to do the same thing now as my predecessors were trying to do back then: implement change to help support and drive the business strategy.

The method may have changed, the technology may have changed, but the intent hasn’t really changed that much.

We still need to:

  • Understand the strategic road map, Target Operating Model (TOM), goals and objectives of the business.
  • Find innovative ways in which technology can help support business processes like sales, accounting, distribution, stock control.
  • Extract requirements for change from the business and develop proposals with estimates, business cases, plans, milestones.
  • Develop software as efficiently as possible, that meets the business requirements, and that is delivered on time and within budget.
  • Train those who we’d like to adopt these changes.
  • Work out ways in which we can improve what we do.
  • And more…

So what?

I’m interested in the dynamics of change, and so in this blog I’ll be looking at:

  • The tools and techniques we use, the fads, the structures we impose on our teams to achieve more consistency, more alignment with the business.
  • How we develop new ways in which we can get to market quicker, cheaper and with more relevance.
  • The ways in which we lead our teams, motivate them, encourage them, grow them.
  • Observations I’ve made in the world of change management since graduating from univeristy in 1988.


You may not agree with all the things I have to say in my blog, and in fact, you may not agree with any of it!  And that’s fine – they are my thoughts and observations based on what I’ve seen, been involved in and read.   If you vehemently agree or disagree with me, then please feel free to leave comments.


Nigel Shore, May 2018.


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